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The firing is poor and the vessels can be easily broken.

The colours of the paste and surface of this group are tones of matt dark gray and matt black.

Sorry to make it sound like a fencing tag than a more romantic reality. So locking the lip and tasting saliva would be what we call the first base.

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The fact is that every person has heard a high schooler brag about his romantic conquest with the lines like “yeah, I totally went to second base with Michelle last you, you know it, ha-ha”: high fives his friend.

Yes, that would be the last base by American standards but nuh uh… That’s how the Indian dating scene is starkly different from the western world.

For a heterosexual relationship, it unequivocally means genital insertion which changes according to every sexual preference.

But the Americans have not yet spread the base count on that, so let us stick to conventions, shall we?

For my little ones out there unaware of the baseball analogy of the dating scene, let me open with an introduction to the four bases one can touch (literally).

Although this does differ a bit in the Indian dating scene. But the Indian dating scene could be a bit different. Every introduction to sexuality opens with an open mouth and darting tongue.

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