1930s dating guide for women

The very loose, square, drop-waist, high knee-length hem, and slightly “boyish” look of 1920s fashion for women was completely gone by 1933 and was replaced with a much more modest and form fitted style with an accentuated natural “high waist”, fitted hips, longer mid-calf or floor length hemline, high neckline, and wide shoulders.Trim, tailored, feminine describe women’s 1930s fashion perfectly.Most sale ads and catalogs featured artistically drawn women who were three times as tall and thin as any real woman could be. See pictures of average to plus size, young to mature women here. The fashion industry underwent many changes during this decade in response to the severe economic hardships of the time.Factory-made garments (what we now refer to as “ready-to-wear”) became popular because clothing could be mass produced for far less than made-to-order custom garments.

Most women still preferred to sew their own clothing or upcycle existing dresses into newer frocks. A woman would not wear her housedress out of the house.Here you will learn about all the 1930s clothing and accessories women wore for day and evening events.You will also be able to create a 1930s wardrobe from vintage or new inspired clothes we found online (follow the links.) Welcome to the glamorous, elegant, well-tailored, world of women’s What was the fashion during the 1930s?When flour was delivered in pretty fabric bags women used these to make new dresses and aprons. To shop, run errands, attend a tea, or see a matinee, she would need a smart afternoon or day dress.The house dress was the ideal dress to experiment with since no one but family saw her in it. One unique house dress variation was the reversible house wrap dress, called a “hooverette.” Practical, affordable, washable, cotton percale and true to thirties style, they sported ruffle sleeves, accentuated tied waist, and a slim cut through the hips, the “hooverette” was the perfect daily dress. Often referred to as “city,” “metropolitan,” or “town tailored”, these dresses were usually silk or rayon crepe, not cotton.

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