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It was about a woman who had to pick from 20 men who all wore frightening masks, so that they would be judged by their character instead of their looks, and it was hosted by Monica Lewinsky because presumably Kato Kaelin was busy.

If you find yourself lying about your income and wearing much nicer shirts than you would normally sport, but still unbuttoning them a few extra buttons because you are a human beefcake, you are probably Joe Millionaire.

At the end, they would all vote on whom they would like to go out with, and an option of choosing "nobody" as well. The series was produced by Renegade Productions, a subdivision of Bobwell Productions/Gold Coast Entertainment—the same company that produced Blind Date (which would often air before The 5th Wheel) -- but was more provocative and sexual in nature than its sister series, offering crazier and more elaborate subtitles and superimposed animated jokes which altered the appearance of the scene featuring each couple.Billy Taylor will serve as executive producer on the reboot for Universal Television Alternative Studio.The 5th Wheel was a dating show where two dating couples are sent out on a joint date, only to have a 5th person (an extra man or woman) join the group.Originally the closing slogan was "where strangers become friends, friends become lovers, and lovers become bitter, suicidal exes all on the same show".However, when Gottlieb took over the show, the slogan was altered according to the say "Where strangers become lovers and lovers become bitter suicidal exes all in the same show".

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