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It is very similar to the accent heard in the southeast of Ireland, due to mass immigration from the counties Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford and Cork.

Newfoundland is the only place outside Europe with its own distinctive name in the Irish language, Talamh an Éisc, literally "Land of Fish".

Acadian French (le français acadien) is a dialect of French spoken by the Acadians in the Canadian Maritimes provinces.

Like other Canadian French dialects, it diverged from the French of France about 400 years ago at the time of the French colonization of the Americas, and sounds different to visiting Francophones.

PEI is famous for lobster, Newfoundland for "fish" (always refers to cod) and seal-flipper pie (yes, made from flippers of seals).

The local cuisine is marked by the origins of the population, French for the Acadians (e.g. Jacques"), and British and Irish for the English-speakers (e.g. When out at a pub enjoying the scene, the usual Canadian mass-market beers are available, but local specialties may be found as well.

Not limited to Atlantic Canada, some of these expressions can be found in neighbouring US states.Despite the region's strong Aboriginal and Acadian cultural heritage, it normally conjures up Celtic images for Canadian tourists, on account of the Scottish and Irish heritage of these provinces.A fragment of Gaelic culture remains in Nova Scotia but primarily on Cape Breton Island, where Gaelic is still a dominant language in some communities.The population of Atlantic Canada was roughly 192919 people.While the people of the Atlantic Provinces predominantly speak English and French, it is worth noting that there are regional dialects of these languages that can throw off the average Central Canadian tourist, not to mention those from abroad.

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