Accommodating broccoli in the cemetery

Our hand-selected chicken is first marinated in a special blend of spices up to 12 hours, and then it is lightly breaded in a carefully blended flour mixture.It is finally cooked under pressure in a unique commercial Broaster so that the oil we use never permeates the skin. It is seared and sealed instantly, creating a crispy-battered skin, yet the meat retains moisture and tenderness. (1) CHICKEN DINNER Half of a chicken, a house salad or soup and your choice of a side dish or pasta 14.29 | Substitute a Caesar for 1.00 (2) CHICKEN PLATE Half of a chicken and your choice of two sides 12.29 (3) A LA CARTE Breast 3.29 | Thigh 2.19 | Drumstick 1.99 | Wing 1.89 | ½ Broasted Chicken – .79 | Whole Broasted Chicken – .99 | 1½ Broasted Chickens – .99 | 2 Whole Chickens (TUB) .99 All White Meat = (2) Breasts -OR- (1) Breast & (3) Wings -OR- (5) Wings All Dark Meat = (2) Legs & (2) Thighs -OR- (3) Thighs -OR- (4) Legs Your choice with a side and a kids drink for 5.99.Children who grew up with us now introduce us to their families, and they are happy to find the food is just as good as they remember it (if not a little better).The devotion of our customers fills us with pride as we fill your plates in the same manner that we learned over the years.As amusing as he is informative, Vivian Cook thrills the reader with more than a hundred entries -- from photographs of hilariously misspelled signs to quizzes best taken in private to schadenfreude-rich examples of spelling errors of literary greats -- that will tickle the inner spelling geek in every reader. It all adds up to a gem of a book that takes a wry look at the hodgepodge evolution of spelling and the eccentric way it actually works.

English spelling is fiendish, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. For kids 10 and under only, please Sides: Applesauce, Broccoli, Steak Fries CHICKEN FINGERS | TOASTED RAVIOLI | 8” PIZZA CHICKEN LEGS | SPAGHETTI & MEATBALL | GRILLED CHEESE CHEESEBURGER | MAC & CHEESE French Green Beans | Four Cheese Mac & Cheese | Sauteed Spinach | Small Mostaccioli or Spaghetti with choice of red sauce Please let your server know if you have a food allergy.We will do our best to accommodate food allergies, but we cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions.We adhere to the standards set forth by the "Associazione Vera Pizza Italianas" using fresh ingredients.Our sauce is created with imported Italian tomatoes & our freshly prepared hand pressed dough creates the authentic thin crust that made Italian pizza famous.

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