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Exploring and building virtual worlds on the Internet.

Map to the Book Files By clicking on the following folders, you can list all the HTML documents and images which make up the book, (these folders contain more than 700 extra color images, many of which do not appear in the printed book) J a ppendix Appendices, Bibliography, Glossary 4 authorp Interior Color Images and Pictures of the Author 4 chaw Alpha World and Active Worlds Chapter * chbi Life in Digital Space Chapter & chcc Comic Chat Chapter * chcd 1/8/2016 PM] Avatars!

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The term "3D" can refer to a 2D image that has the appearance of depth.Quick Index 0-9 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTIJVWXYZ The Glossary 1 1/8/20 1 6 : 1 7 PM] glossary 0-9 ID Shorthand for "one dimensional" which refers to virtual environments based on text interfaces.These include MUDs (Multi User Domains), chat rooms, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and others.Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds on the Internet Large view of Book Cover Exploring ond Building Virtuol Worlds on the Internet "flvotors! Exploring and building virtual worlds on the Internet Available in bookstores everywhere starting October 1997. Suggested Retail Price: .95, includes a CD-ROM and a companion Web site with virtual worlds software for Macintosh, Windows and the Internet. Format: paperback, 400 pages, includes color inserts Publisher: Peachpit Press , an imprint of Addison Wesley Longman. online at: call Peach Pit Press at: 1 (800) 283-9444. With the book and this companion website, you can now leave simple chat rooms behind and venture forth into the true frontiers of virtual world Cyberspace. IMVU - cool new New Digital Space There now exciting second avatars in an Instant Traveler released! This are used extensively in text chat worlds and the list keeps growing every day.i» the ultiaote guide to the digitol »clf in cybertpoce." — Mark Petce, Co crcutor Of Click Here to see more art in the Image Gallery © 1997-98 Bruce Damer, All Rights Reserved. The following are some of the more common social acronyms.

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