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Talk about what you like about the other person for the next two minutes.

See how many maraschino cherry stems you can tie into a knot with your tongue in the space of five minutes.

Drink a mystery brew concocted by the rest of the group.

Make sure there is nothing harmful or dangerous in the concoction and set a reasonable limit of sips the person must take to complete the dare.

Games can go on for days, weeks, or even months, allowing the game to become part of your regular interactions as friends. What was the last thing you photographed with your phone? Who in your family are you afraid you'll turn out like some day?

When trying to come up with your questions for truth or dare, it is important to figure out what type of questions you're looking for. Who in your family has seen you cry in the last year? What do you and your siblings do when no one else is home?

Have you ever snuck into a movie you weren't supposed to see? The game is supposed to be fun, and the entertainment will quickly come to an end if someone is hurt or the police are called.

If you could be born again, who would you come back as?Repeat everything another player says for the next three rounds of the game.Stand next to the refrigerator (or food pack if you're camping), close your eyes, and randomly point to something inside.Use a conference call to include the whole group or just play with a single pal. Sure, Truth or Dare is usually a single-evening activity, but it doesn't have to be. Did you ever fake illness to get out of school or another event? What were your first impressions of me (the person asking the question)? What are the three qualities you feel are most important in a friend? What would you do if your current boyfriend/girlfriend ended things right now? What's something you're afraid to tell me about yourself? Have you ever been cheated on by someone you were dating? What color are the eyes of the person who asked you this question?If you're hanging out for a few days or playing by text or phone, you can easily pick it up and put it down to extend the fun. Where is the strangest place you've used the bathroom? What would you do with a million dollars if you ever won the lottery? If you had to eat something within two feet of where you're sitting or standing, what would you choose?

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