Albuquerque singles speed dating

Santa Fe might be the capitol and more of a hub for tourists, but Albuquerque is larger by far.

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I met my bf in a language meetup group, but it was almost entirely based on luck because we were basically the only two young, single, fairly stable people in the group. There's some great late 20s/early 30s single people out here, mostly from out of town, but it'll take some luck and persistence to keep putting yourself in social situations to meet them. If you wouldn't mind PMing me some info on that I would greatly appreciate it. It took me a while, in fact I'd about given up on it.

I've done dance/yoga classes and board game groups and hiking and other meetup groups and haven't had much luck. As of now, I just try pushing myself to speak with others in public who I notice are Chinese. Don't be so against someone with kids as well, I was adamant about it for a long time, meanwhile my friends were with women who'd had a kid early in life and were in amazing relationships... This is a really great idea because most of the people replying to this are single and probably between 25-35, we’ll all have at least one thing in common to talk about (how trash dating is in the 505) , and even if no one matches up with anybody at least we all now know other single people and could always network for each other.

Las time I was single I was doing the yoga classes but mostly from a fitness standpoint.

Had one guy introduce me to his wife at the end of date one and asked when I wanted to move in, had one guy randomly poke my boob and say “boop” multiple times in a brewery, had one guy keep rubbing against me at a mini golf place with the line “you can always get a hole in one with me”. I suppose I should count myself lucky that the worst dates I've been on involve girls that showed up blackout drunk/on drugs or photoshopped themselves thin in their profile pics or were just painfully boring.

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