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The largest concentration of Mennonites is in the United States and Canada, but great numbers are also found throughout Africa, India, Indonesia, Central and South America, Germany, the Netherlands, and the rest of Europe.

The largest assembly is the Mennonite Church USA Assembly, which meets on odd years.

They first settled in Pennsylvania, then spread to the Midwest states.

The Amish split from the Mennonites in the 1600s in Europe because they felt the Mennonites had become too liberal.

As a rule, Mennonites are not governed by a hierarchical structure, but there is a give-and-take among local churches and the 22 regional conferences.

Each church has a minister; some have deacons who supervise finances and the well-being of church members. Members of the Mennonite Church USA consider themselves neither Catholic nor Protestant, but a separate faith group with roots in both traditions.

A group of Anabaptists broke from the Protestant and Catholic ranks in 1525 in Switzerland.This time, which usually happens around the mid-to-late teen years, is a chance for youth to get a sense of what the world has to offer as a whole and what place their life holds in it.It’s a very transitional time that decides what direction the rest of their lives will take, and that time is called Rumspringa.Mennonites believe the Bible is divinely inspired and that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save humanity from its sins.Mennonites believe "organized religion" is important in helping individuals understand their purpose and in influencing society.

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