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Both deception and lying can be accomplished by omission as well as by commission.

Interestingly, folk theories of deception are more likely to attach moral significance to deceptions accomplished by commission than to those accomplished by omission.

A magician would not be a good magician if he or she failed to deceive the audience.

A conjuror 's “victims” know, even before the tricks have been done, that the magician intends to fool them.

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Certainly, conjuring is one of the few occupations in which success depends entirely on the ability to deceive.

We focus on these latter approaches to determine whether, in principle, it is possible to detect if a given individual is being truthful or is trying to deceive.

We then suggest additional research paradigms to supplement the standard one.

Laboratory lying does not, in itself, benefit the liar, nor does it do obvious harm to the target of the lie.

This chapter considers deception in a broader context.

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