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Let's go live now to CNN's Hala Gorani, standing by for us live in Baghdad. He stood before his accusers today wearing traditional Arab dress, muttering "Thank God" twice when the judge sentenced him to death by hanging. Pranksters had fooled the authorities by faking the number on caller I. And it starts with the banks -- "Please give me your number. SASCHA SEGAN, "PC" MAGAZINE: You punch in your real number, the number you're calling, and then the number you want it to appear to be from, the fake number. Ali Hassan al-Majid was found guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide related to an Iraqi army offensive in the late 1980s. Two other defendants of Saddam Hussein's former regime also being sent to the gallows and two were sentenced to life. The military says eight soldiers and an airman were killed by bombs or small arms fire in Baghdad.He was accused and convicted of war crimes, crimes against humanity, as well as genocide. We have a problem with our computer system and I need it." So those kinds of things are what we're starting to see. And in Tikrit, north of the capital, two others died of non-combat causes, according to the military. This month alone, 81 American troops have died Iraq. The local prosecutor handling the case says that while those charges are pending at this point, they could be elevated. As it stands right now, he is facing two counts of murder, which is the murder of Jessie Davis, and also her unborn child. I've seen them laugh, I've seen them cry, I've seen them be angry, upset, everything you can imagine. He is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow afternoon, according to one local paper, to be arraigned and have his charges formally read to him. But what we do know is this, that yesterday afternoon, about in the afternoon, a body presumed to be that of Jessie Davis, a pregnant woman, was found in a county park up in Summit County.

That is the neighboring county to the north of here, and that part is just adjacent to Cuyahoga Valley National Park.Cutts had been on paid leave during the investigation, and earlier this week a local newspaper reported a reporter spoke with Cutts and asked if he was involved in the disappearance of Davis. Kimberly Vaughn (ph), and the children, ages 12, 11, and 8, were found shot to death in their SUV on June 14th. JOHN FERRERO, START CO PROSECUTOR: We will vigorously prosecute this case.(BEGIN AUDIO CLIP) TODD PORTER: Bobby, did you have anything at all to do with the disappearance of Jessie? PORTER: Have authorities given you any indication if you're a suspect? Christopher Vaughn (ph) was found nearby with gunshot wounds to his leg and arm. We will take this to the court of law and we will prosecute, as I said, vigorously.Four of five other top Saddam Hussein aides were also convicted today of either war crimes, crimes against humanity, or conducting a chemical raid and chemical attacks on the Kurdish population in the northern part of Iraq in 1988. And according to human rights groups and Kurdish groups, they killed between tens of thousands of people to up to 180,000 people. Lieutenant General Ray Odierno will be a guest on "LATE EDITION" later this morning. S.-led military offensive against insurgents in Iraq and the increasing death toll. CNN correspondents will be discussing the military offensive in Iraq, also some new accusations of Iran's involvement in Iraq. Join Jamie Mc Intyre has he hosts THIS WEEK AT WAR, that's today at .Now, the defense team of Chemical Ali, Ali Hassan al-Majid, has told CNN that they plan to appeal this sentence and this ruling, and they have called this trial political. Hala Gorani on this story for us, live from Baghdad. NGUYEN: Want to tell you about a happy home coming for shuttle astronauts. CNN's Paula Zahn reports on a disturbing new trend. Also want to give you this programming note: Lieutenant General Ray Odierno will be a guest on LATE EDITION, that's a little bit later this at Eastern.

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