Boundaries in dating henry cloud

And now it looked like this investment was going nowhere. If you have been in this unique type of relationship, you are probably familiar with Heather and Todd’s scenario.Two people are genuinely attracted to each other and start going out.Actually, these two elements are necessary for any successful relationship, not just dating.Marriage, friendship, parenting, and business connections depend on freedom and responsibility in order for the attachment to flourish.Putting lots of emotional investment into a relationship can be dangerous.

The couple enjoyed being together, yet anytime Heather tried to talk about getting serious, Todd would make a joke or skate around the issue.

And, more often than not, the scenario repeats itself in other relationships down the line.

Some people blame dating itself for all of this, thinking that it’s not a healthy activity.

They would rather find an alternative, such as group friendships until two people have selected each other to court exclusively.

Though dating has its difficulties, we would not take this view. We did it a lot personally, having been single a combined total of seventy-five years.

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