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Kendra, your goal was to get better organized, and you have Julie Mc Cullough helping you out. After that [episode], I had to travel a lot, and then I had to do taxes and stuff.... Bridget Marquardt: I knew that wasn’t going to last! [Laughs] Let's see how well you know each other after all this time together.

How do I get a former Playmate to lend a hand with household chores? [] Kendra, did you ever solve the mystery of who the large-ish, sheer black panties belonged to? Bridget, your resolution was to work on your voice-over career. Bridget: I have a coach now that I'm going to, and I've gone on a couple of auditions.... saw my footage from the show and thought I did a really good job! [] If I'm lucky enough to get Hef's vote, I'm stopping there! Kendra and Holly, what are Bridget's best and worst qualities?

John's, Newfoundland, would end up on the pages of Playboy?

A Canadian TV series called "Thrill of a Lifetime" helped make Shannon Tweed's dreams of Playboy stardom come true.

Kimberly Conrad1989 was a good year for Kimberly Conrad: the former Miss January 1988 was named Playmate of the Year AND she ended Hugh Hefner's 35-year bachelor spree by marrying the ultimate playboy.

They were together for nine years and had two sons (Marston and Cooper) before splitting.

She had an eye for real estate, too: she helped Hugh go house-hunting and find the not-so-little property that would become the Playboy Mansion.

Yes, Hef and the '70s were good to Barbi, but when she finally figured out he wasn't going to settle down and start a family, she left the man and the mansion and married real estate developer George Gradow.

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Benton went on to star in such B-movies as "The Third Girl from the Left" and "Deathstalker." She also appeared on the TV shows "Hee Haw" and "Marcus Welby, M. But contrary to popular belief, she was never a Playboy Playmate or Bunny – although she was featured in pictorials and on the magazine's cover.

No wonder she liked Hef so much – he was the exact opposite of her data sheet turnoff: "People who don't live their lives to the fullest, who never reach for what's around the corner." She lived with Hef in the late '70s and was a member of the "Singing Playmates." But her real claim to fame is that she's one of the lovely ladies (the other is Patti Mc Guire) portrayed with Hef on the 1978 Playboy pinball machine.

Shannon Tweed Who'd have thought that the daughter of a mink farmer from St.

Bridget: Her worst quality, I can say first, is that she's never on time! [.] Who is Kendra's favorite athlete right now Bridget: Oh, god, this changes all the time. [ fan, Holly, do you ever geek out when you see George Lucas at one of the mansion parties, like on this Sunday's episode? I'm not a big celebrity stalker — although I might freak out if I saw Tyra Banks! There are, like, 15 people, and they rated me, like, last. Bridget: Of course, I have to do a Halloween [shoot for the calendar], so I'm a witch flying on a broom.

[] Her best quality is that she's outgoing and knows how to have a good time. I don’t know, but it's going to be some football player, probably on the Chargers. [] Kendra, did I hear that you're doing some racing thing? This weekend I'm going to Lancaster and spending the night with Chris Klein and George Lucas and a lot of other people, and we're going to practice.... Holly: For May, I shot with this big python, and for December, I was in a hot tub.

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