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Meanwhile in real life Brooke is currently dating Bury footballer Kean Bryan, 20.

“As moving forward in generations, you want it to be normal, to have said it and that’s that. She went on to say she would much rather play out storylines that focus on family and jobs rather than focus again and again on lesbians.What Soap Actors smoke in Real life but their characters don't? I know Pauline occasionally lights up in Eastenders but the actress who plays her is a heavy smoker? Vincent was born in Audenshaw, Greater Manchester, England to Nicola Anderton, a scene of crime officer for Greater Manchester Police and Anthony Vincent, a tour guide in Tenerife; her parents divorced when she was two and she was raised by her mother and stepfather, John Mc Dermott.Both Brooke and Sacha say they hope the way they portray their characters’ lesbian story line will help other teenage girls to look for if they are going through the same, or a similar situation. They want to show two teenagers who are in love in a sensitive way.It’s good to know that the girls will be getting up close and comfortable over the next year.

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