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Malhama Tactical is a group that hasn’t received much attention but is growing more important by the day in Syria.

Sajjad, 34, was probably a late entrant to the world of acting. I left my job as a PR manager and started acting in 2011.”Born in Iran, he had to stick to a plan for a long time to finally land a substantial role in Bollywood. There I learnt Hindi, but it was very different than India. In the countryside, we all had similar kind of dreams: To have a family life, a nice car, a good job.”But it was all adding up to the day when he had to make a decision. A movie didn’t get noticed and my scenes were deleted in the other. Sajjad says, “I stopped going to shoots in UAE and started growing beard. I had to go through three auditions before meeting Ali Abbas Zafar.

He says, “I must say that Bollywood was a childhood dream, but one needs to take steps. He says, “I was born in a small village near Shiraz in Iran. I came to India and realised the beauty of the language. Then Shanoo called me to India for the camera test with the director.

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In the media, Malhama Tactical has been called the first jihadist private military company (PMC). Assad’s army and its allies will eventually attack, no? Q: Why would you not like to work for Hurrās ad-Dīn, even now there is a general agreement between Hay’at Tahrir as-Sham and Hurras ad-Din? A: My apologies but I cannot tell you, we don’t want to cause any Fitna (discord between fighting groups). Q: Some final questions on Malhama Tactical as an organization, if I may. Who can apply to become a trainer and what are the requirements they would need before getting hired?

Mohammad Reza Javaheri Translated by Sanjeedeh Abedi Salman al-Farsi was the first Persian to convert to Islam. When I shave, things do work for me (laughs).”He further says, “After working for a few months, I knew this is the place to be, but I wanted to do much more than just TV commercials.They locked me for the job in next 15 days.”At this juncture, he becomes a little philosophical.He told me some exercises that I still do.”Then like a good artist, he adds, “I didn’t have any fear, it was excitement.He always wants to give.”Before closing the conversation, I asked him whether it was difficult to torture Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif during the shoot.

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