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That may not seem all that surprising – it’s quite reasonable for someone who hasn’t heard about Stitch before to ask what it is.What IS surprising is that I’m quite frequently asked the question by someone who has recently joined Stitch.Sixty Dating is an online dating and friend finder service for the over 60s in the UK!We are dedicated to providing a fun over 60 dating environment online for mature singles over Sixty in the UK. Our customer support team checks all new profiles & photos, to ensure they are real people with genuine motives for joining the site.Or the way our members use the chat rooms & discussion forums to encourage and help their fellow members where they need it, whether that’s sharing their experiences of getting over losing a loved one, or advice on how to manage the often lonely journey to find companionship.Stitch is far from perfect, and we’ve got a long way to go until it truly becomes what we believe it can be.

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) as a way to meet & experience new things without having to do so alone.There are many paths to any destination; with Stitch the journey takes most of our members through the Stitch community. It means that Stitch is something that our members join, rather than a service that they use. I am an extreme optimist, and like most optimists I am a big believer in the potential most people have to do good.This may sound like a marketing slogan, but it accurately describes the enormous difference between what Stitch is and pretty much any online service I can think of. The way that most people, if you give them the right opportunity, enjoy doing things that make the world a better place.(Those aren’t idle claims by the way – just read this article, or this one, to get a glimpse of what the dating industry is like! With Stitch we’re trying to build something that our members want to stay a part of even after they’ve found the companionship they’re looking for.We want Stitchers to stay proud members of the community for many years. In today’s internet world, the term “social network” is applied to sites which map out people’s existing real-world connections.

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