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If you are up for this extremely satisfying yet challenging role then get in touch with Dan - **Whatsapp or text on [masked]** Look forward to hearing from you!Join us to meet other like minded ladies and gentlemen in Geneva between the ages of 21 to 50, who would like to mix and mingle, make new friends and have great time at Brasserie Da Matteo!EVENT COST: Early Bird - CHF 10 each (plus charges) Regular Ticket - CHF 15 each (plus charges) Cash at meetup: If you do not purchase a ticket in advance then you can pay RUDI cash of CHF 20 per person at the start of the event. Pictures Some important points: - We have our area booked for RUDI/ Meetup.Our Venue: Located on the Rue du Stand, Da Matteo makes quite a statement with its bold architecture! Please ask the bar staff for our area and they will help you find us.

We will help you shrink the time it takes to create a social network and that too with others who are also new here. v=FVXFyh_6VKU&list=PL0_NRE_GPk MWKCT76n8ui1RRJlruo0_vj Please click on the link below for a snapshot of who are and what we do? v=G2w Ec W9Re UUWhat should you expect from our Meetups? If you would like to host meetups then please get in touch via whatsapp at the details below) Mehdi and Cat are our regular community manager in Geneva.

If you can relate to this then we may have the perfect opportunity for YOU!

The cherry on the top is that you get great experience, learn new skills, rapidly expand your own network and you get paid an expense allowance for doing something you LOVE to do!

They are however too busy with work at times and so we would like an additional host for Geneva.

If you would like to HOST meetups, get experience with different cultures whilst making new friends and also get a generous expenses allowance then please get in touch. Do you love to go out, plan and organize events, meet new people and help people connect with each other?

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