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All of these factors certainly would not be in line with the standard Torah outlook on relationships. Although she knows all of these things, she still experiences extreme anxiety whenever anyone, especially Barry, discusses moving the relationship “further.” Whenever asked by her mother or her counselor why she is hesitant, the answer is always the same: “How can I be SURE he’s the right one? ” Someone once noted that buying coffee today has become a major undertaking for him.The reason is that frankly there are too many choices.Sheleimut, refers to a complete achievement – doing the best that is possible for the particular type. Hirsch (Beraishit ) adds that the concept of sheleimut must involve a certain internal harmony within the individual striving for it.To the person seeking a relationship while seeking perfection all along, these stages are never possible.Moreover, psychologically, we find that those who approach dating and relationships with a perfectionistic perspective, are often unhappy with their quest for perfection (Ben Shahar, 2009).They might exhibit distinct indecisiveness, severe issues that are often perceived as controlling in relationships and a general misunderstanding of the self and others in relationships. Barry treats her well and she feels that she will likely grow together with him.It is a notation that implies no blemish whatsoever.(temimut, he notes, is only relevant to an animal who achieves temimut at the time he is offered as a korban).

The Pele Yoetz, (Erech Zivug), identifies a bashert as being fluid, based upon one’s desires (bakashot) and his hishtadlut (efforts). Some try to allay their fears by seeking reassurance. While temporarily providing relief to anxiety, reassurance-seeking continually reinforces the faulty belief that one cannot make his or her own decisions or the provider of the reassurance is later assumed to not have understood or to be out of the loop on these issues.Chaim is what you might call a “professional dater.” Since he was 22, he always knew “exactly” what he wanted in a girl.A delightful person and conversationalist, a Ben Torah who learns daily and a successful orthodontist to boot, he was a matchmaker’s dream initially. Would you lose your appetite because you think it could use more onions? You can both have a good time even if your haircut looks nerdy and you don't get her jokes. Do you mope over the charred beef or chow down the tasty fries?Likewise, getting lost on your way to a destination could be a humiliating disaster ("I'm so sorry!

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