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There was no bass to even out the unrelenting treble of the two-guitar assault of Jon Spencer and Judah Bauer.

Russell Simins maintained order with the beatings he gave his drum kit.

Everyone kind of kicked in and was young and stupid then.

Jon and I are either very much in agreement or we’re not.

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JON SPENCER: Jerry Teel had a band called the Honeymoon Killers.They were convinced that this would be what The Killer or Hound Dog Taylor would be playing if they had been born 50 years later.A sharp sense of humor can be found in the early releases.There’s something about them that, as Spencer is fond of saying, makes them “a difficult pill to swallow, and not for squares.” Unfortunately for the band, some of those squares were well-known music journalists who found this particular blend of white-noise-blues to be lacking in appropriate veneration.What these critics missed was that the band wasn’t interested in reverentially perpetuating the sound of any genre, especially one as worn as “the blues.” Their spark was the creative soul of early rock and roll artists—Sun and Stax gods like Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis—guys who took the chord structures and scales of the blues and fused them with adrenaline-fueled shrieks of excitement.

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