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In the end I ended up enjoying the beautiful country and city with a girl that I flew in from a nordic country - IMO the way to do it.

I already read all the discussion in CS and there's one message that I found accurate about the Portuguese dating scene, or better saying, its non-existence [even though the guy who wrote it seems blue-pill]: In other words it just pretty much confirms what has been said by various people in the other thread about game in Portugal: it is mainly based on social circles.

Portuguese girls are to Southern Europe what Danish women are to Scandinavia. I do not think he said anything to them, just smiled.

In a minute the chicks where touching him and were raising on their tiptoes (he was tall!

I'm starting to see a confirmation for my theory that countries where dating culture doesn't directly reward success and your mental and physical shape, the economy is unproductive because there's no sexual incentive for the guys to be smart and in shape. You'd think in a country with such a deep economical crisis girls would turn to him, but no... I got a couple promising numbers from Norwegian and Swedish students/tourists, altho I was in a "focus on making as much money as possible" stage and couldn't be bothered taking them on a date.

I have a friend of mine who is good looking (could be in better shape, but isn't fat) and a self made millionaire... he keeps getting stuck with the chicks in his friendcircle who even flake on him. The only Portuguese girl who kept asking me if we'd go for a "cafezinho" was originally from Porto (as am I), but I wasn't really interested in her.

It's where some of the best 18-23 years-old Portuguese talent is concentrated. well I have honestly no patience for their bullshit, honestly I don't know any kind of women that bitch more, I've heard a few things about spaniards and north africans but some of these ladies take the cup, occasionally they can be pretty good and trusting friends though, not all is that bad and in general (talking about University level) they are quite nice people.

I'm so glad 99% of my portuguese friends don't understand my love for polish chicks. wasting time on going to stupid "cafézinhos" over and over.and there is 8 and 80, which means they can be super frigid but you can also find true nymphos once in a while.Another tip is that in Madeira, Funchal, it is MUCH EASIER to fuck girls but this is more for locals thoug, maybe tourists will have luck.He went there with several male and female classmates from IST.Within a month, the dudes had gone from sex-starved omegas to rock-star alphas.

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