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In turn, perhaps these games provide the desired comfort users lack in their real-life interpersonal relationships.However, it is important to remain cautious when discussing this particular justification for stereotyped characters — since it tends to exclude members of the LGBTQ community who also engage with this genre of games.Even in these early stages of development, this genre of gaming raises many implications that can have a significant impact on our understanding of intimacy, consent, and social connection.Within the last few years, dating sims have expanded outside its niche, otaku-centric roots, into the mainstream.This kind of work within dating sims is proving to be incredibly important for members of these communities who are limited in their ability to express their romantic desires or are still in the process of exploring what their romantic desires are.Due to the isolation and loneliness many members of the LGBTQ community can experience, especially in less open-minded arenas, these games have become a powerful tool in providing a safe space for many users.For some, these simulations contribute to developing antisocial personality traits, but for others dating sims can provide a means of coping with loneliness and depression, and exploring their sexuality in a safe environment.

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A company making strides in diversifying the rigid gender roles present within dating sims is Bloom Digital Media, the boutique video game company behind allows users to decide their gender, and the genders they are attracted to.

This title (and many others) center less on gameplay mechanics and true-to-life experiences, but instead focus on an invented narrative, much like an interactive graphic novel.

While the game’s contents are less explicit than its contemporaries, the heavily scripted nature leads to slightly more engaging character development — which tend to be missing in other games within this category of gameplay that looks to create intimacy.

But what if those boundaries were removed and the future iterations of these companions have a sophisticated enough artificial intelligence to experience feeling and emotion on par with humans?

At what point will we acknowledge them as deserving of rights, if ever?

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