Dating site for widows and widowers

As a widow, being invited out to dinner, the theatre or cinema, etc.

could be an aspect of being single that you dread rather than look forward to.

From her book ‘Second Firsts’, Christina Rasmussen states: ‘Grief opens your heart so you can undergo transformation.

But it is up to you to take this expansion and spread it everywhere in your life.

Are you sufficiently ‘healed’ to entertain thoughts of romance with someone new?

Accept that whoever might bring this romantic attachment is someone who could bring you happiness and contentment in their own way and not someone you should compare with your late partner.

Most dating sites give you the opportunity to specify your status and describe what you’re looking for in a potential date.

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If you’ve been missing the physical side of romance then you will need to understand this is probably the reason you’ve been thinking about finding a partner.

Put your best foot forward and be excited about the changes you’re making.

This could be a defining moment, which could bring about positive improvements to your life and how you feel about yourself.

It’s no surprise that widows contemplating another relationship often suffer immense feelings of guilt, and this is not to be ignored.

If you feel guilty about meeting new people, you probably won’t be putting your best foot forward.

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