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I hadn't had any of my pregnancy symptoms for a few weeks and was concerned so went to the GP who referred me for an ultra sound which showed that the baby had stopped growing at 6 to 7 weeks. I would wait another week and have another scan to be sure.

Give it time until your doctor is 100% sure then decide if you want a curette or not. You can be ok with the knowledge that you CAN get pregnant. Re the D&C vs natural - hard decision and the best choice will be different for each woman one act circumstance.

By then you will know for sure whether the embryo is growing, and if no bleeding has started within the week, could consider going for a D and C. I was prepared to wait to miscarry naturally, but was finishing up one job contract, had a week off and then starting a new job. At the time I was upset, but I thought I was Ok about it. My OB automatically sent me for another scan in a week. That scan showed a HB, that in my case ended up stopping. The longer it stays the more complicated things get.

Sure enough two days later the bleeding started and it was mostly like a heavy period, with the exception of about half an hour on the third day where I had very bad cramping where I had to sit on the loo and felt terrible.

misoprostal is another option to D&C or natural)Hoping that you get some good news Hi OP, I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks earlier in the year ...

So I just had the worst ultrasound experience and now I am freaking out. Everything I've read online tells me I should expect the worst ? Just by the sounds of it, this guy is probably using older or slightly outdated equipment if she had to have a full bladder. Quoting badger75:" So I just had the worst ultrasound experience and now I am freaking out. She said its normal not to be able to hear the heart beat until 11 or 12.

Make sure you don't forget the emotional aspect, even if you think you are ok. Hi OP, I'm so sorry you are going through this. I had a blighted ovum and a sac that measured 4.5weeks but I didn't start bleeding for at least three weeks later and that bleeding was heavy and lasted for six weeks.

At one time I had to go to hospital as the pain got too much.

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