Dating women have been sexually abused

If working with a counsellor isn't possible, a support group may be a good second choice.

It is not unusual for individuals to minimize or deny traumatic experiences and their impact as a way of coping.

This belief comes from our patriarchal society which values power, seen as a male trait, and devalues vulnerability, which is seen as "weak" and as a female trait.

As a result most men resist admitting they were once overpowered and helpless, and this is called "denial". Because of social values and attitudes, denial of vulnerability is usually stronger in men than in women.

These skills are an important step to help you maintain control.

Remembering too much or moving too quickly can feel overwhelming.

If someone older, stronger or more experienced coerced you into sexual activity when you were a child or an adolescent, then you were sexually abused.

Individual counselling over a long period of time can be expensive, although some social services have a sliding fee scale for clients.Your counsellor may ask you about any symptoms of post-traumatic stress that are impacting you, for example, flashbacks, nightmares, depression, anxiety, or relationship difficulties.S/he will help you to develop skills to manage intrusive or overwhelming thoughts, feelings or sensations.A counsellor can help you work through any thoughts or feelings you may have.Then you can understand the ways in which you managed to cope with the abuse and begin to resolve the trauma of the abuse to decrease the negative effects it has on your life.

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