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Each short meeting takes place in the privacy of a vendor’s suite, guaranteeing uninterrupted, productive discussions.

Before the event, all attendees receive binders containing full profiles of each company represented at the meetings.

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NOLN took the group right down the street to Petco Park, where we watched the San Diego Padres take on the San Francisco Giants on the baseball diamond.Vendors and operators were paired together and had one-on-one private meetings throughout the two days of action.When we weren’t in meetings, the vendors and operators enjoyed some beautiful California sunshine.But if you came to San Diego looking for love, here's an indispensable guide to understanding how things work here: If you’re on the hunt for someone who’s into catching waves or bending themselves into a pretzel, then you have your pick around here.However, if you’re not into surfers or yogis your dating pool in SD just got significantly smaller.

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