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The «dating site» product will be delivered to you as a download link, e-mail attachments or via other Internet means in 2-3 days after the payment is approved by the payment processing system and is received by «Dating Sites Agency» in full and we received all needed to start transferring process 1.2.

This agreement authorizes you to install and use 1 copy of the «dating site» product software and unlimited copies of members database. You may use the «dating site» product for personal purposes only: for making necessary modifications or adding necessary functions.

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Settlements are effected by placing an online order on the our site or by any other convenient way previously agreed on by the Parties.

Such financial liability is intended to compensate for damage and thus constitutes a remedy and not a penalty. You agree to indemnify «Dating Sites Agency» for all losses caused by violations of the terms of the present agreement, as well as for losses caused as a result of you transferring the data to third parties, whether or not this was done with your consent. «Dating Sites Agency» provides support services for all copies of the «dating site» product.

Such third parties may include hosting companies (individuals), ISPs, your customers, business partners, or any other parties. You agree to use due diligence to safeguard and protect the «dating site» product and all source code from non-authorized third parties. You agree to indemnify «Dating Sites Agency» for all losses that it may incur due to the theft of all or any part of the source code of the «dating site» product while in your possession. «Dating Sites Agency» has a right to deny support assistance for a third-party application used with the «dating site» product which does not work due to the fault of a third party developer or due to your fault.

Selling, licensing, giving away or otherwise distributing the «dating site» product or members database in full or in part is prohibited. All rights to the «dating site» product, including any data, images, photographs, animations, and text incorporated into the «dating site» product, the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of the «dating site» product, are protected by current legislation as items of intellectual property.

You may not use this «dating site» product, in full or any part thereof, as part of another product that you sell, license, give away, or otherwise distribute via any method. Any customization, translation, modification, or revision of the «dating site» product does not contain a right to selling, licensing, giving away, or otherwise distributing in full or any part thereof.

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