Documents not updating its timestamp in livelink 9 1

Default: True Controls draft phase behavior when working as a server.When true, pushed changesets are set to public in both client and server and pulled or cloned changesets are set to public in the client.If left unspecified, Mercurial will use the first applicable tool it finds on your system or use its internal merge tool that leaves conflict markers in place.Chose Specify visual diff tool as described in the [merge-tools] section of your Mercurial configuration files.If left unspecified, Tortoise Hg will use the selected merge tool.Failing that it uses the first applicable tool it finds.

When False, all files with changes on both sides of the merge will report as conflicting, even if the edits are to different parts of the file.

When updating to a revision that has a single bookmark it will be activated automatically.

Show a prompt if there is more than one bookmark on the revision that is being updated to.

The contents of the allow_push list are examined after the deny_push list. Otherwise, unauthenticated users are all denied, and any authenticated user name present in this list (separated by whitespace or “,”) is also denied. If value is “smtp” (default), use SMTP (configured below).

The contents of the deny_push list are examined before the allow_push list. Otherwise, use as name of program to run that acts like sendmail (takes -f option for sender, list of recipients on command line, message on stdin).

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