Double your dating chances

Please join us in our discussion related to finding love in 2019 on our Facebook page! You feel desperate because you have just break up with your ex.However, no matter how great is the strategy and technique you found, it's going to fail if you make these 3 common mistakes that men always make.It's very undeserving if you fail to get your ex girlfriend back simply because you don't know you're making these mistakes.

But, coming across as angry was the message they got, and that is all that mattered for social interaction.

It's obvious that you are still loving her, it's obvious that you would feel regret if you just put it aside and do nothing with your ex until she has moved on with other guys.

The haunted feelings not just bother you in aspect of love, but also your other life areas such as your career, life, friendship and family, and daily activities.

And, I realized that even if I wasn’t purposely sending a message out, people were nonetheless getting a message no matter what.

My social reality unfolded not based on how I felt inside, but based on how I came across. For the first time ever, it hit me that maybe the messages others were receiving were different than the message I was intending to send out.

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