Dragon age profile not updating

This means that the control scheme largely facilitates tweaking and occasional inputs.

To download and install the profile, click the subscribe button.

However, see the note below in the section 'Limitations'.

Additionally, I play the game with a heavy focus on Tactics.

Some things may not work as they should (or don't work at all).

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In this current version of the profile, 'run toggle' has not been assigned.

The Dragon Age Keep will be where all of our game decisions are stored from now on for import into Dragon Age: Inquisition and forward.

NOTE 1: (LB) and (RB) now do the following --* Strafe left and right* With (BACK) -- Pan camera forward and back when the camera is zoomed out completely NOTE 2: (LT) and (RT) now have the following secondary binding with (BACK) --* Zoom camera IN or OUTThis allows more control when in battle and the camera is zoomed completely out.

The camera can be rotated left or right with (L STICK) and with (LB) and (RB) secondary bindings, pan forward or back in that direction.

Also, Controller Companion does not allow secondary assignments to the analogue sticks.

Thus, my intent had been to assign camera controls to (RS) for use in combat.

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