Eclipse updating indexes heap space

A lot of this depends on the activity as well as the key values that are used for your clustered index.

To identify whether your clustered table or heap table is fragmented you need to either run DBCC SHOWCONTIG (2000 or 2005) or use the DMV sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats.

I have written the code and it is not speeding up the validation the same way that a clean schema with would.

I think that my changes are not being propogated through.

If I stick in a XSDSchema.e Resource().save(..), in between 3. I do see my changes, but I think that I have a step missing to really solve the problem. I am trying to change the schema temporarily before validation, and then change it back.

One thing I'll try is to change the code in XSDParticle Impl that tests the size of the Hayden, If you open a bugzilla defect with your sample schema, I'll look at making changes in the XSD code to help improve things.  One thing I'll try is to change the code in XSDParticle Impl that tests the size of the <all took 1 minute.

Because a heap or a clustered index determines the physical storage of your table data, there can only be one of these per table.

For further information take at these Index Fragmentation and Maintenance Tips.One very important design aspect when creating a new table is the decision to create or not create a clustered index.A table that does not have a clustered index is referred to as a HEAP and a table that has a clustered index is referred to as a clustered table.Take a look a this tip, Script to Manage SQL Server Rebuilds and Reorganize for Index Fragmentation. The following are different options you can take to resolve the fragmentation: When creating a new table via SQL Server Management Studio when you specify a primary key for the table, SSMS automatically makes this a clustered index, but this can be overridden and it doesn't always make sense that the primary key is the clustered index.Take a look at this tip Finding a better candidate for your SQL Server clustered indexes for more information.

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