Egtrra updating plan documents

Cavanaugh5520 North Ocean Blvd, Unit 205Ocean Ridge, FL 33435Professional Experience Currently Cavanaugh Benefit Consultants Ocean Ridge, FL· Consulting and support to industry service providers.· Current clients include Accu Draft, Technical Answer Group, Caribbean Pensions.· Special focus on the EGTRRA restatements and document management.2001-2003Mc Kay Hochman Butler, NJ· Senior Pension Consultant· Document drafting, technical support, training and educational services.The PAS application operates on Ascensus’Web Site Administrator™ technology, which allows organizations to customize roles and user access levels to best suit the organization’s needs.Access to help screens and an online reference guide is also available.In a partial final judgment issued in April, 1996, the Court first determined that for periods before 1995, corporate taxpayers would be entitled to deduct from their taxable net worth the value of their investment in all of their (80%) subsidiaries, regardless of the jurisdictions in which the parent or the subsidiaries were incorporated.

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As the nation’s largest independent administrator and recordkeeper for small- and mid-sized retirement plans, Ascensus services over 26,000 defined contribution plans and nearly 1.5 million employees, with more than billion in assets under administration.

The company’s programs are built upon a comprehensive investment platform and are tailored to support the needs of institutional retirement plan providers, financial advisors and their clients.

Sample Internal Folder Structure Screen ASC’s Plan Sponsor website is integrated with your business, customized with your logo and linked from your website.

Customization for individual Plan Sponsors is also possible.

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