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He shrinks the teacher/coach and leaves him guarded by watchdog Barkley, while he substitutes - as King George III. Trip learns a valuable lesson after he takes Meego's magic wrist device and uses it to trick a popular girl into believing that he's the boy of her dreams.He initially enjoys the attention but changes his mind when his new "girlfriend" Brooke begins shadowing him and hanging on his every word.Meego was unusual among the shows in the CBS Block Party in that it was targeted mainly at children, instead of the whole family.This was a factor in the show's failure; by this point, the show's lead-in, Family Matters, consisted mostly of a cast of young adults, and its lead-out, The Gregory Hines Show (the only show on the block with no ties to either Warner Bros.

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Meego catches the chicken pox with strange side effects.It's Christmas and Meego tries helping out by doing such things as teleporting the Christmas tree into the house (still tied to the roof of the car) and helping Edward get Alex the toy he wants.It is of course the most popular one of the season and in a mad rush at the department store, his wrist device is broken."Welcome to the earth sweetie," the new mom captioned two adorable pictures of their newborn."Giving birth was the most magical experience of my life so far.

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