Error updating view in mail invalid or nonexistent document

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For more information on using the console, see Using the processing error console.

The Document Error and Job Error tabs allow you to easily locate document and job errors, respectively, that occurred in any processing sets in your workspace.

**Note:** Setting log_archiving to 11 is extremely verbose and may cause problems if run for an extended period on a production server.I have inherited a doc from someone and every time I open it, it tries to connect to some network location to download some template.I never understood why and needed to resolve it and made me look for it until one impatient user complained that the document does not open.The Current Category field provides a number of category values that provide insight into the nature of the errors that have occurred on your processed files.The following table provides a listing of all values visible on the Current Category field, along with a description of what kinds of errors those values will bring back if you filter on them.

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