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Try searching keywords like "racist," "racial," and "white." These two clubs are not the only places where this kind of thing happens.And I've never heard of anywhere in Hawaii that gives people preferential treatment just for being white.Its too bad that current attitudes towards whites may also be a backlash from perceptions of experiences of the past.The vast majority of Hawaii residents are nothing like the KKK.

I agree that total blanket attitudes towards whites is not ok, because i know some whites who are more kanaka then some natives are.

Seriously want to move to [email protected] Aloha, now racism and ignorent people live everywhere. Are people from Hawai'i like the KKK racist where it dosnt matter if your white your s.o.l?

Or Is it, not because your white but we just don't like the stereotypical attitudes that white mainlanders have?

All due to women being brainwashed by hollywood, and how these crap movies portray Asian males as being villains, criminals, drug addicts, and if not negative stereotypes, it's about being gay, effimate, a leg to stand on, etc.

This is one reason why I don't pay a single penny to watch movies these days.

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