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It somehow doesn't feel genuine when I ask a girl out on a date and I sit at home and plan out what our date evening is going to be like when I know for a fact that she is surrounded by guys who want to sleep with her, shower her with gifts and tell her romantic stuff about how beautiful she is. How can I feel valuable and unique to a girl when she is dating multiple other guys?One girl I dated had slept at a dudes house before seeing me - she says she watched a movie with the dude until very late bu t all I know is that I feel less appreciated knowing that she spends nights with other guys the night before I'm taking her out. Some guys might accept a situation like this but I'm not.Now I go on dates with multiple guys because I like meeting people, perks are good, and there's no strings attached.

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Wanting exclusivity isnt dating, its a relationship.I can't date someone that I know for a fact is dating multiple other guys.I'm not saying this is for all guys - I'm saying it doesn't work for .Women date several men at once in order to figure out who is worth being exclusive for.Its a good strategy for women considering how many men cheat or perpetually play the trade up game unbeknowst to the woman.

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