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Children 15 and older can be left home alone overnight, depending on the level of maturity of the child.” No law for leaving child in car. Car law: Any child under the age of nine may not be left in a motor vehicle for five minutes or longer unless he or she is under the supervision of a person twelve years of age or older. [§291C‐121.5] Leaving a child unattended in a motor vehicle. However, caution is advised in leaving a child unsupervised during sleeping hours. From the Tennessee State Court’s website: “There is no legal age for children to stay at home alone. § 432B.140 Child is without proper care, control and supervision Child Endangerment: N/A New Hampshire Unattended in Vehicle: N/A Home Alone Age: N/A Child Neglect: N. It is not recommended, however, that 13 year olds baby sit infants, small children and children that require special attention due to medical conditions. This age child should not be unsupervised at night and should not supervise other children; Children who are 10 and 11 years old may be left alone for longer periods of time.Wondering if you can let your kids walk to the park or wait in the car for a few minutes—legally? At Free-Range Kids, we believe parents are the best judges of what their kids are ready for, when. But the sad fact is, some loving and responsible parents have found themselves in legal trouble when a busybody or law enforcement official perceived their actions as unacceptable. § 291C-121.5 Child under 9 left alone for 5 minutes or longer without someone 12 years or older Home Alone Age: N/A Child Neglect: Haw. From Georgia’s DHS website: “Children under 8 years old should never be left alone, even for short periods of time.

§ 28-710 Child is placed in a situation that endangers their physical or mental health or is cruelly confined Child Endangerment: N/A Nevada Unattended in Vehicle: Knowingly leave a child 7 years old or younger if conditions are present for substantial risk or the keys are in the ignition and there is no supervision by someone 12 years old or older Home Alone Age: N/A Child Neglect: Nev. (a) Notwithstanding chapter 571 or any other law to the contrary, a person violates this section if the person, being the operator or an adult passenger of a motor vehicle, leaves the motor vehicle for five minutes or longer when an unattended child is inside the vehicle, regardless of whether the operator or adult passenger is charged with the care or custody of the child. Children in this age should not be responsible for younger children; Children who are the age of twelve (12) years and older may be permitted to act as babysitters. Parents are advised to use their best judgment, keeping the child’s maturity level and safety issues in mind. Children 13 and older can generally be left as babysitters, with the exception of children in foster care. An eight year old should not be left in charge of children; Children who are nine (9) years old should not be left unsupervised for periods greater than two (2) hours during the daytime. § 169-C:3 Failure to provide proper parental care or control Child Endangerment: N. Children between the ages of 9 and 12, based on level of maturity, can be left home alone for brief periods of time. From Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota: “Children eight (8) years of age or under should be supervised at all times with a caregiver available. Knowingly and unreasonably permitting a child under 18 to be placed in a situation that may endanger the child’s life, body or health Kentucky Unattended in Vehicle: Ky. § 507.040 (Part of Manslaughter Statute) Child under 8 left in vehicle showing extreme indifference to human life and resulting in death of child Home Alone Age: N/A Child Neglect: Ky.

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