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With it we can untangle intricate sequences of geologic events such as faulting, folding, deformation, and emplacement of dikes and veins.

The paleontological method is based on the study and interpretation of animal and vegetal organisms’ evolution during geological history, and in order to determine the relative age of a rock, the principle of superposition is used as a starting point, as well as fossil deposits preserved within a rock.This method has been developed as part of paleontology – science concerned with fossils and development of life through geological history.In defining the order of deposits by relative dating, only the order of deposits has been determined, i.e.The age of a rock is determined by stratigraphy, a branch in geology which studies the chronology of events and changes, along with the development of organisms, which have determined the development of the Earth from when it became an independent spatial body until today.The age, or the chronology of geological creations and events is determined using relative and absolute age.

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