Initially intimidating

Even while we’re doing things that should be private and precious, there still remains a niggling urge to publicize each moment to social media or lose ourselves in thoughts of the past and the future.By being so available to everyone else, it becomes hard to connect back to ourselves.When I read somewhere that meditation was the only process that actually helped your brain regenerate grey matter, I was determined to replace all those brain cells I had lost over the years.I’m still not sure if that’s actually a fact, but it certainly motivated me to get started.Upon arrival to Syracuse, you'll be treated to dinner with some current residents in our program.

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It’s this sense of being so connected to your body while disconnecting from your thoughts that makes meditation so special.Each interview is approximately 45 minutes in length.After morning interviews, lunch will be provided; all current residents are invited to stop by to answer any questions applicants may have.The interview day felt like an opportunity to learn about the program and I appreciated that everyone was so invested in the interviewees.As senior residents, we can appreciate that the interest in the integrate person, the encouragement of independent thought, and the concern for the health and well being of trainees are amongst the core values of our department.

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