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She envied Watanuki because his form was cute, whereas hers was deemed terrifying by her friends.After quarreling with her friends and accidentally transforming, she vowed to "store her feelings far, far away" in order to prevent such an incident from occurring again.She treats him like a child, giving him food that would allow him to grow and calling him too weak to be a delinquent.However, this is all done in a light, playful manner.

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Additionally, he still refers to her as a slave despite her being an SS agent for Watanuki.

All in all, similar to his past self, he wants to protect her rather than be the one being protected.

At the end of the corrected timeline, she and Watanuki become a couple. He treated Karuta like a pet, as he likes tying her like a dog due to his sadistic personality.

Karuta appears as a young, slim teenage girl with salmon-pink hair tied in pigtails, and eyes with a similar color.

Her uniform consists of a dark black coat and pants, with a gray undershirt underneath and red or blue tie.

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