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(2008), Donna Freitas surveyed Catholic schools as well as evangelical schools, large public universities, and smaller private colleges.

If people felt or if the board felt that the 25th of May was the end and then you’ve got a bit of an uphill struggle which is trying to actually claw back some ground.When combined, these factors yield three different Catholic cultures: On the surface, this looks like a simple gradation of Catholic identity.That might be the case, if these factors’ effects on hookup culture were likewise ones of gradation. While it is difficult to be precise, the studies (see here, here, here, here) on hookup culture in general indicate that around 70 percent of American college students hook up in a given year.It can hinder hooking up, change its meaning, or direct energy away from it.Its effects depend on how an institution supports Catholic identity, and on the students’ own Catholic faith.

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