Johannes kepler dating life

By anyone’s measure, Johannes Kepler ranks as a gold medalist in the history of science.This great German mathematician and astronomer (contemporary with the King James Bible and the Pilgrims) discovered fundamental laws of nature that have stood the test of time and are still widely used today.Devout by nature, he decided he would serve God as a clergyman.He studied for two years in a seminary at the University of Tubingen, receiving training in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, mathematics and the usual Greek philosophy, but there also became acquainted with the newer ideas of Copernicus and those who doubted that the Greeks were the last word in knowledge.

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He predicted that trigonometric parallax might be used to measure the distances to the stars.One would think a man must be the son of a privileged family to rise to such heights, but nothing could be farther from the truth for this scientist, as for other great Christians in this series like Newton, Carver and Faraday. He was often ill, and lived with no advantages that would have predicted his success.His mother was a flighty woman given to superstition, and his father was a roaming mercenary, frequently off to the battlefield to fight for the highest bidder. In those days, people assumed comets were bad omens, but Kepler was fascinated.It was only when he was pressured to accept a position as a mathematics instructor 500 miles away in Graz that he reluctantly postponed his goal to become a Lutheran minister.Later, he was chosen by the great but eccentric Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe to figure out the problem of the orbit of Mars, and the rest is history.

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