Lesbian dating guide

You’ll be surprised to find out a vast community out there who likes you or the things that you like too.

[Read: 12 things you do online that make you look pathetic] So now that you have found someone to date, here’s what you should know before the big night. So coming out of the closet may be totally confusing.

Show her your best side—the best version of yourself—and you can expect a second date.

And even if you don’t intend to date her again, at least have manners for your own sake.

It takes time to get to know your new self *what you really like* as well as to get to know the person you chose to date.

Remember not to rush getting into a relationship this early as it’s still best to take your time and even weigh your dating options.

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Once you have found someone you like to go out with, and chances are they like to date you too, it’s now a matter of who asks who.[Read: Why there’s nothing wrong with having sex on the first date] #15 Decide where to crash. Do you trust her enough to invite her into your place?Now if you indeed have decided to sleep together, take some things into consideration. Always remember to play it safe wherever you decide to spend the night together.The first thing you need is someone to help you seek out like-minded girls—a lesbian wingwoman.Perhaps you have a lesbian officemate or classmate, or you happen to see one in the bar or coffee shop you always go to. [Read: How to stop obsessing about that one perfect date] #2 Go out of your comfort zone. These days, there are tons of social media sites dedicated to the lesbian community.

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