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9 homicide in Kentucky was not transgender, the homicide was not a hate crime, and the victim’s gender identity was not a factor in their investigation.Information obtained by Buzz Feed News, however, directly contradicts or severely undermines all of those assertions.“Papi got shot because she was a transgender female,” Tiffany, who was at the scene of the shooting and a friend of the victim, told Buzz Feed News in a phone interview this month.

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Tiffany replied, “Yeah.” Later the detective asked why Papi identified as transgender to the man: “Do you think that’s why Papi did it, to kinda get it out there to begin with? I used to get my ass whooped for it.”Speaking to Buzz Feed News, Tiffany said she made it clear to police Gleaves acted out of anger in response to Edwards’ gender identity.

He had come to meet the victim at a room in the Fern Valley Hotel that Edwards was sharing with Tiffany and two other women. Two minutes after the man arrived, Edwards tried to avoid potentially surprising the man by saying, “‘Well, you know I’m a tranny,’” Tiffany continued. ’ and he left.”A few minutes after the man, who Tiffany said left the room angry, had gone, Edwards and the group of women went to the parking lot, heading out to buy cigarettes.

Edwards had forgotten ID, though, and returned to the hotel to get it.

Surveillance video of the shooting, which police provided to the court as evidence, shows the victim — identified by police as 20-year-old Sherman Edwards — presenting as a woman, with long hair and carrying a light brown purse.

And just hours after the homicide, Tiffany told investigators the gunman attacked Edwards after getting mad that Edwards identified as transgender — staging an ambush in a hotel hallway.

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