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It would be ironic if the “culture against females” (Miller 19) that characterizes Rajasthan had the unexpected side effect of granting females the competitive edge in choosing spouses and forcing males into marriages based on compromise.‘Padharo Mhare Desh (Welcome to my Land)’ is the motto in Rajasthan.There are a plethora of lesser-known places, such as Churu, Bundi, Mandawa, Rajasmand, Pratapgad, Sikar among others, which are aesthetically, culturally and historically significant.It’s true that the state is deeply rooted in its culture and customs, but like the dual nature of all things, Rajasthan also is a mix of traditional and modern, conservative and liberal.Mount Abu (Rajasthan’s only hill station) and Udaipur, for instance, defies this notion of ‘desert only’ states as these places boast an abundance of greenery and scenic lakes.Another sweeping generalization, which is categorically false, this misconception probably stemmed from the Indian TV soaps that showcase every second person as Banna, Baisa or Marwari, which leads to the stereotype.Okay, we agree camels are found all over the state and there are camel-centric festivals that are held every year, primarily in Bikaner and Pushkar, but they’re not the only animal that can be spotted here.There are horses, elephants and the state boasts one of the largest concentration of peacock (the national bird of India).

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In fact, there’s much more ground to cover in terms of culture, customs, traditions and architecture.

There’s a caricature in Rajasthani folk that all men are businessmen (though they make great business leaders and entrepreneurs) and all women are housewives.

We agree that some Rajasthani men are businessmen and some women are housewives (which is also no less than a job – 365 days a year, 24/7 – without compensation, just pure love and sheer joy).

So, labelling it as an outright conservative state is unfair.

As soon as you tell someone that you’re originally from Rajasthan, the question ‘really, you don’t look like one’ will get thrown at you.

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