Mel gibson sophie marceau dating

While the Scottish warriors in the film all wore kilts, they weren’t actually worn until at least four centuries later.

Historians have likened it to “a film about colonial America showing the men wearing 20 The Battle of Stirling Bridge, as it was historically known, was filmed over a six week span on the Curragh Plain in County Kildare and one of its most notable features is the lack of an actual bridge.

The film was nominated for ten Academy Awards and won five including Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Makeup, Best Sound Editing, and a Best Director statuette for Mel Gibson.

He has dated a number of girlfriends and also was married once before.

, etc., alongside Sophie Marceau, Catherine Mc Cormack, Bruce Spence, Danny Glover, and many others.

When asked by a local why they shot this battle on a clearly bridgeless plain, Gibson answered, “the bridge got in the way,” to which the local responded, “Aye.

That’s what the English found.” The Scottish won the battle at Stirling Bridge because the English were forced to cross to attack the Scots on the other side.

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