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I could tell she didn't feel like walking much further.

I'll protect you." I thought she would rebel against my words. It feels good." We sat in the last row of the theater. And it was at that very moment, of course, that she happened to look at me. When you called me Jane instead of mom, I know I should have corrected you.

My mother Jane lived in her own condo after the divorce.

She had had her share of boyfriends but none lasted very long. I mean, ask mom if I, her only child and single guy aged 29, could take her to dinner and a movie one Friday night.

I hugged her and her perfume sent my senses to another place altogether. As I did, I pictured Susan climbing into our bed with flannel pajamas, no longer the short baby dolls that used to turn me on. Her eyes were glued to my rock hard manhood, standing at full attention. I straddled her, pressing our bodies together, but denying her the release she sought - her new man's cock. I slowly stripped all of my clothes off and tossed them into the same place. As I bent my head to her breasts, I glanced at her feet, so sexy in those sheer black stockings. Her hand released my hard cock from its prison and it sprang to attention. Mine did the same as I reached down into her panties and felt the silky soft pubic hairs guarding the entranceway to heaven. My hand reached the top of her nylons and I felt her cool smooth flesh.

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