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Self-confidence Arguably the most powerful section of The Dating Game is the opening chapter, entitled Single Status.“It all begins with being single,” Watson explains; her language may be lazy and conversational, aimed at her teenage audience, but the lesson is one we can all take on board.“Never ignore your friend’s advice,” Watson writes.“If my friends are saying something about my relationship, and it’s upsetting me, then I know deep down that they are right.By contrast, the cover of life coach Rebecca Perkins’ Best Knickers Always: 50 Lessons for Midlife depicts a hand-wash-only laundry label. It’s a sensible move, as they form a large proportion of the audience of Made in Chelsea, the show that has made the 23-year-old a household name.

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Together, they cited information from 21 references.Whilst Watson’s book doesn’t touch on online dating – something indicative of her age (she is just 23) – Perkins focuses exclusively on online dating.Both women share similar dating dos and don’ts, but while Watson’s are divided into stages of a relationship, Perkins simply lists her best tactics for the “game”.“I write as a woman who has recently celebrated her fiftieth birthday. I am grateful for my wisdom, I love my self-confidence, I love that I will no longer suffer fools, I love that women of our generation have choices.” Bravery, courage and confidence underpin much of her advice.“You are more courageous than you believe”, “You are the only one standing in your way” and “Do the thing that scares you” are all lessons learned early on.

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