P nk and george clooney dating

Last year she topped the 21 Hottest Baristers in London list for women, created by Yourbarristerboyfriend.

At present she’s representing Julian Assange and fighting his extradition to Sweden.

Even though George’s reputation as one of the most notorious bachelors in Hollywood still hasn’t died down, he’s actually made an effort to be seen with Amal in public and praise her wherever he goes.

I mean, the mushy gushy speech at the Golden Globes was for a reason, right?

Advised this morning’s issue of the UK’s dailymail: The beauty, born in Beirut, is fluent in French and Arabic and is also believed to be advising Kofi Annan, the former United Nations Secretary General, on Syria.

She is also the author of several book chapters and articles on international criminal law.

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Nobody wants to hear about their significant other’s list of ex-girlfriends constantly, especially when it’s as long as sordid as George Clooney’s list.After all, Amal Alamuddin is an internationally renowned UN lawyer – even if her credentials are barely being put to use right now, she can at least boast an ironclad prenup in her favor, right?Or was she too busy planning her future in Hollywood to care about that?The “The word is that George is pressuring Amal into this so they can spend time with other people,” a supposed source tells the outlet. “They haven’t been doing much socializing recently, which is a sore point for George because he hates being all work and no play.” The outlet goes on to say that the charity contest gives the couple “an excuse to ignore their wedding vows.” “Amal’s been off saving the world and that’s all well and good, but George wants to inject some fun and spice into his life,” adds the alleged insider.

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