Qnap antivirus not updating

tried to run "freshclam" from CLI and get the following[/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.antivirus/usr/share/clamav] # freshclam -u admin Clam AV update process started at Thu Jun 15 2017WARNING: Your Clam AV installation is OUTDATED! NAS: TS-473-32GB QM2-2P QXG-10G1T • TVS-463-16GB QM2-2S10G1TB • TS-459 Pro 2GB 4.2.6 • TS-121 • APC Back-UPS ES 700G • QPKG's: Twonky Server 8.51 • Apache73 • QSonarr • QNBZGet 21.0 • php My Admin • Qmono • Mc Afee 2.2.1 • Lychee 3.2.15 • HBS 3.0.190802 • LEgo v3.0.0 Network: VM Hub 3.0 We've been seeing the same on our TS-563.WARNING: Local version: 0.98.6 Recommended version: 0.99.2DON'T PANIC! Started two days ago and we've had a warning every day since.

Tue, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * flevel updated to 80 (new bytecode hook type) Tue, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * clambc info option updated for new hook type Tue, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * added BC_PRECLASS hook support; replaces target type 13 Mon, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * pdf string UTF-16 conversion no longer solely depends on ICONV reason: no ICONV meant no conversion even though conversion function existed Fri, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11269 - bm matcher no longer sets scanning window offset reason: certain segments could be hashed multiple times Wed, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11269 - hash does not compute on segments smaller than the maxpatlen Tue, EDT (klin)----------------------------------- * bb#11267 - libclamav upx cover against hand crafted section ove patch supplied by Sebastian Andrzej Siewior.automatic and manual cvd file import fail with "incorrect file format"... files are updated to here: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.antivirus/usr/share/clamav/updates are here: all Manually install here too. guessing the clamav build on the QNAP is no longer up-to-date... [~] # ping 56 data bytes64 bytes from 1.138: seq=0 ttl=57 time=19.782 ms64 bytes from 1.138: seq=1 ttl=57 time=20.041 ms64 bytes from 1.138: seq=2 ttl=57 time=16.260 ms^C--- statistics ---3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0% packet lossround-trip min/avg/max = 16.260/18.694/20.041 ms[~] # wget -- database.(database.clamav.net)... Connecting to database.(database.clamav.net)|1.138|:80... automatic and manual cvd file import fail with "incorrect file format"...guessing the clamav build on the QNAP is no longer up-to-date... Running firmware, Clam AV no longer updates again... 200 OKLength: 50854853 (48M) [application/octet-stream]Saving to: ‘daily.cvd’100%[=======================================================================================================================================I use Mc Afee, however I changed AV to Clam AV and it automatically updated.

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