Redmine git repository not updating

I checked her sshkey and it was loaded in the Redmine database, but when I checked the gitolite-admin repo, I didn't see the public key. It looks like the plugin is having trouble with accessing the gitolite-admin repository and updating the keys.

I checked the redmine and saw that the access just suddenly stopped working last night at am.

This means, you need to setup a separate process to update your local Git repository and notify Redmine of new commits.The path to the repository is the absolute path to the folder that represents the repository and contains all the files uses to manage your project history.Due to the way how Git works, this path must point to a folder on your local server.First step is to configure the repository settings in Redmine.Open your project page, then go to option, then you'll be asked to enter the path to the Git repository.

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